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Tania Sousa - Patient Food Service Supervisor and Retail Food Service Supervisor, Sunnybrook Sciences Hospital

Age: 22
Program/Graduating Year: Culinary Management, 2013; Food and Nutrition Management, 2014

Role: Ensures everything runs smoothly in the kitchen, oversees all aspects of food services until food reaches the patients. Duties include making sure each patient gets the appropriate meals needed for their specific diets.

The best part of the job: “I honestly love my job because every day I go into work not one day is the same. There is always something new coming my way. It can be equipment or staffing issues and we also have to take into consideration all the dietary requirements possible, because not everyone can eat the same foods because of allergies or religious reasons. I’m fortunate to work in an amazing environment with a great team of professionals who are always there to help me.”

How Humber helped: “I've taken what I learned in my culinary and nutrition courses and get to apply it in my work every day. But Humber hasn't only given me the training necessary to excel in my career, it has also given me amazing opportunities in the industry. The teaching staff ensured I got the best education and training to get to where I am now, and will go in the future.”