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December 4, 2018


Veal is beef but the distinction is that it is sourced from calves instead of mature cattle. Like every other kind of meat, there are multiple ways it can be prepared. Chef Stefan Czapalay and Chef David Song visited our culinary class here at Humber North to educate our students on all the various ways you can cook veal. They performed a demonstration right in front of our students and discussed what other food pairs well with it. After the demonstration, we had the opportunity to taste veal carpaccio, veal and risotto and more.

In addition, a local farmer came in to discuss the process in which they raise their calves, and how they are grain fed.

The winner of the veal competition held earlier this semester was also announced this evening. Congratulations to Samantha Simms, on receiving first place for her pimento smoked jerked veal sandwich. Samantha will be showcasing her talents at the Restaurant and Bar show in late February 2019.

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