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May 16, 2018 

The Skills Ontario Competition was pure entertainment for competition spectators. Taking place on May 7 and running until May 9, students put on a spectacular display showing off their talents to family, friends, educators and hundreds of onlookers.

Humber’s Baking and Pastry student, Stefanie Francavilla, outshined her college competitors in her division by presenting four spectacular pastry dishes. Stefanie was given an ingredient list prior to the competition and was tasked with drafting a menu that would not only showcase her extraordinary talents but would follow this year’s competition theme, Canadian nature. Her choice was to exemplify and create delicate pieces of sugar art that resembles the gentle nature of Canada’s British Columbia. Under the guidance of her coach, Sergio Shidomi, Stefanie took the competition by storm, dominating in all components of the competition and placing first in her entire division. She will now be heading to Edmonton on June 3 to the 5 and will be representing Humber on a national level.

Under the direction of James Bodanis, Kire Boseovski, and Daniel Gonzalez, students Aaron Adair and Alyssa Claudio were well prepared for their Culinary Skills competition. Competing against various colleges, a friendly rivalry brought out the talent that was needed to place both students ahead of their opponents. Both students were tasked with creating four plates of the main course using certain mandatory ingredients such as three different coloured beets and venison as their main ingredient. For dessert, competitors incorporated their own twist on the classic Lemon Meringue pie, a favourite amongst the most perpetual dessert eaters. Both Aaron and Alyssa put forth fantastic dishes overall, showing that Humber is a college that is grooming young talent for future employment.

Humber’s very own Chef Kenneth Ku presented a whimsical demonstration of his chocolate sugar confections to hundreds of conference goers. From candy sculpting to cake decorating, Chef Ku exemplified the many skills that our instructors teach their own students, intriguing the minds of potential Humber students as they gazed in total awe at his work.

Congratulations to Stefanie Francavilla for placing first in the Baking and Pastry division, we wish you the best of luck as you travel to Edmonton and represent Humber at Nationals. A big congratulations goes out to Aaron Adair and Alyssa Claudio for cooking their hardest and showing their fellow competitors that Humber is a school filled with unimaginable talent. Lastly, thank you to Chefs James Bodanis, Kire Boseovski, Daniel Gonzalez, Sergio Shidomi, and Susan Joseph for training, preparing, and most importantly, encouraging our students to reach their full potential. Without you they would never gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to flourish like they have.

Venison Dish


Skills Ontario Winners

Skills Ontario Winners

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