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February 7, 2017


And our trophy goes to TEAM PLATE UP!

Further to weeks of tireless work Christina Hontar, Venessa Fazio, Coach Nicole Chuchmach and supporting grads, Sara Herrche and Kathryn Gee have much to be proud of!

Congratulations Team Plate Up for putting together a professional and innovative concept that from all accounts truly has “legs”.

With very few hours of sleep Saturday morning, we heard that the Team presented an outstanding presentation and killed it in the Q&A round.

The competitive spirit kicked in and the ladies represented Humber College and certainly did the School of HRT proud!

Way to go Christina and Venessa for your outstanding effort!

Your passion and dedication to hospitality shone throughout this competition.  Although Frankie’s may not get a chance to see where you will take your idea, other partners in the industry just might!
Hopefully this experience has introduced you to what is available in the food and beverage landscape to energized, knowledgeable, experienced and eager individuals like you. All experiences build on and add to the wonderful professionals you already are and will become.  

Thank you for all that you put into this. You are true winners in the end and certainly in all of our eyes!!!!

Thank You Coach Coochers!

We are so lucky to have your dedication and commitment when championing this project and leading our students. Your competitive spirit, experience, passion and fun-filled attitude to all you touch makes these experiences memorable and transformative for students and faculty alike.

Thank you SO MUCH for leading this competition again this year!

Graduates Sara and Kathryn – Thank You!

How lucky are we to have successful graduates return to lend a helping hand? SO LUCKY! With busy lives, you offered your time and expertise to assist Team Plate Up! Thank you for your efforts. We are grateful!

Congratulations once again to all involved!

Sara Herrche and Kathryn Gee