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Charlotte Baptie

My career began after graduation from Niagara College where I achieve a diploma in Hotel Restaurant Management. I began working with Canada Packers, now called Gordon Food Service and have had a wonderful twenty-five year career with them. I started in sales before moving on to being a team lead then the manager for our call center. My next role was managing customer service along with the inside sales team. From there I was progressed to training and coaching new sales representatives. I then decided to get back into sales and became the District Manager for Downtown Toronto. I was recently promoted to the Regional Manager of the chain team and manage 16 chains at Gordon Food Service where we do over one million a week in food sales. I love the food business and coaching teams to work closely with our customers. I am a recent ambassador for WFF (Women’s Foodservice Forum) within Gordon Food Service. I find teamwork and leading people is something that has been driven into my soul.

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charlotte baptie