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November 7, 2018


Finding a job after post-secondary school can be a bit nerve-racking. We as an institution know this, and so every year we put on a job fair to allow our students to have the opportunity to speak with employers about potential job opportunities, and to acquire a better understanding of what their opportunities are available for them after graduation and what is expected of them. On Tuesday, October 30th, the School of HRT held their first school-wide career fair, where employers from each program offered all attending the same event.

The event was a big hit, over 2000 students came out to the Rose Garden Banquet Hall & Convention Centre where over 100 employers had information tables ready to network with students. The students enjoyed the fact that there were employers present from other fields than their own because it gave them the opportunity to talk with other organizations that would not have been present at a career fair geared directly for their field of study. The employers were impressed with how our students conducted themselves and loved the positive energy that was given off throughout the entire event.

In addition to the Humber Food Truck, The Egg Man food truck was present at the fair where Susan, the winner of our Egg Sandwich competition held earlier this month, had her creation featured on the truck. Susan and Tom, the owner of the truck, provided free samples of her sandwich at the event, receiving nothing but positive feedback from customers. Susan’s sandwich won as a result of her creativity and its remarkable presentation. Along with having her sandwich featured on Tom’s truck, Susan received an Egg Farmers of Ontario gift basket, an HRT swag bag, a professional knife, and a $500 cash prize. A little creativity can go a long way – congrats Susan!

Overall, the career fair was a huge success for everyone involved. Thank you to all the employers who were a part of the event and to the students who came out to participate.

HRT Career Fair

HRT Career Fair

Egg Sandwich Contest Winner

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