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September 20, 2018


Five HRT students in the H-HROM program have been chosen to participate in a unique learning opportunity, working with a multi-disciplinary team made up of students from Project Management Post Graduate, (PMPG) and Interior Decorating (ID). The students selected were: Uyen Knanh Pham (Allison), Thomas Cramer, Tran Huynh, Vinayak Gupta and Zoe Berry.

This unique, one-time project involves crafting and executing a Hotel Implementation Plan for the Barrett Center for Technology Innovation (BCTI), a building designed to be a collaborative space.

In this phase, the students will take a utilization plan that was conceptualized by post graduate students in the summer semester with the purpose of designing 3 hotel rooms which will serve to accommodate external guests with convenient and state-or-the-art accommodation on campus.

In this phase of the project, the multi-disciplinary team will develop an implementation plan and room designs, thereby bringing the concept to operational reality.

The two major project deliverables will consist of:

  • An interior decorating plan for the hotel suites executed in a collaborative partnership between Interior Decorating (ID) and Project Management Post Graduate (PMPG) students. 
  • This is a staffing, quality and operating procedure plan executed in a collaborative partnership between Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism (HRT) Diploma, Project Management Post Graduate (PMPG) students and Interior Decorating Diploma students. 

“The multi-disciplinary nature of this project provides our students with an amazing opportunity to gain rich exposure and acquire new skills that they would normally not be exposed to within their course curriculum. Additionally, it offers HRT an additional avenue to engage with our industry partners. I am really excited to have HRT play such a key role as part of the BCTI launch.”

– Rudi Fishcbacher, Acting Dean, School of HRT

“As an educator, I am thrilled at the chance for our students to learn skills like critical thinking, project management, managing expectations and executing on tight deadlines. In addition to affording them networking opportunities with external influencers and collaboration with internal stakeholders, the skills they will acquire will strongly enhance their job-readiness, and strengthening their resume substantially.”

– Kristy Adams, Program Coordinator, Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Management






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